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Student Area

The civil aviation security requires investment in proper training of all professionals involved in the activity. As part of this system, the Airline, Airport Administrations, Business Auxiliary Services and Dealers who work at airports have as a safety to the safety of their operations, air transport, insurance, continuous and efficient, keeping your employees trained and familiar with all the security procedures surrounding their work.

With Training Center, duly Certified by the FAA through Ordinance No. 1233/SCD of August 2, 2010, Top Lyne shall provide the professional qualifications of their employees directly, also for other companies offering the courses required for comply with the provisions contained in the FAA standards thus contributing further to the safety of Civil Aviation.


Basic AVSEC course:

Course planned in order to consolidate the basic technical skills necessary activities for the Protection of Civil Aviation against Acts of Unlawful Interference, developed by the airport administration and airlines.

Operator course in X-Ray AVSEC:

Course planned in order to specialize the Protection Agent of Civil Aviation in the operation and handling of X-ray apparatus, used as a preventive measure for the detection of weapons and objects that can be used against civil aviation security.

Course in Safety Supervision AVSEC:

Course designed with the purpose of expanding and consolidating the expertise to supervise activities in airport security aimed to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

AVSEC Management Course:

Course designed with the purpose to complete the skill of student in manage the preventive measures of civil aviation security to be applied in the development of management activity airports and airlines, the legislation in force.

Course Familiarization Safety of Civil Aviation:

Course designed with the purpose of familiarizing professionals or Local Airport Administration Headquarters, the airline companies and ancillary services with the security activities to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

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