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Imagem de um avião no pátio de aeronaves de um aeroporto. Seguido do texto: Qualidade e Efciência esse é o lema da Top Lyne.

About Us

TOP LYNE is a company100% Para, based in Belém, since 11 October 2007. Our main activity is to provide auxiliary services for Air Transport in contribution to the national air transportation system and support of airport management, as business operators, both in operational activities as well as for prevention against interference and unlawful acts and Civil Aviation Protection.

Acting as bold in fulfilling its strategic expansion plan, Top Lyne Ltda. was able to experience remarkable growth during the year 2009/2010. The company is already present in ten (10) airports of the Infraero´s network. International Airport in Confins (MG), act in the Civil Aviation Protection and operational activities to support the transfer of passengers and crew from the station to the aircraft. In Belém International Airport, in addition to Infraero, we also attend the Airwais Surinam Airways and Air Caraibes to support their international operations. 

With the significant effective with 754 employees, which represents its greatest asset, the Human Resources management of the company is subject to constant investments, from recruitment, selection, and permanently, in Training and capacity building activities, aimed at achieve excellence in service provision, acting differently in order to promote the full satisfaction of its customers and partners. 

We seek to maintain through our managers, supervisors, team leaders and all employees of a close relationship with our customers, to provide high performance efficiency in service delivery, always striving for continuous improvement of processes in order to achieve satisfaction compared to full service. The main focus is the provision of protective services and operating with the strategic objective included among the market leaders in the segment. 


Be the reference company in the provision of auxiliary services of Air Transport in Brazil. In our strategic vision, the scope of this condition requires continuous improvement of the process of administrative and operational, the expansion of space activities in the segment, beating market expectations and customers, expanding the range of services offered, as well as efficiency in provision thereof. 


Our mission statement is to proactively attend to all customers with excellence in providing operational, technical and security, emphasizing the social and environmental responsibility by investing in staff training, aiming to achieve high performance in the development of operational activities.

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