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Imagem de um avião no pátio de aeronaves de um aeroporto. Seguido do texto: Qualidade e Efciência esse é o lema da Top Lyne.

Protection Services

Top Lyne Ltda is structured to provide expert services in the area of protection of civil aviation, as well as operational services, ramp, both in supporting the care of passengers in order to handle air cargo through the performance of his team of highly qualified and trained to ensure full customer satisfaction.


• Interview Flyer;

• Inspection of Passenger, Crew, Hand Baggage and Personal Service;

• Inspection of Checked Baggage;

• Protection for Parked Aircraft;

• Aircraft Security Check (scan);

• Control Access to Restricted Areas Security;

Interview Passenger:

Through questionnaires and visual examination of the pros for the Protection of Civil Aviation airports operate in order to ensure the integrity and security of passengers.Passengers, baggage and belongings are identified and inspected by a specialized team and attentive to every detail.

Inspection of passengers, crew, Hand Baggage and Personal Service:

The care of the safety extends not only to passengers but to all staff and utensils that circulate in the airport, and especially near the aircraft. Each piece goes through a careful inspection where all content is examined by X-ray machines, always aiming at the protection and ease of flight. 

Checked Baggage Inspection:

Any and all luggage is subject to the care team TOP LYNE Protection. A careful inspection is performed on each volume, through which all content is examined by X-ray equipment Always seeking the safety of the aircraft, passengers and crew.

Parked Aircraft Protection:

The team's work for the Protection of Civil Aviation may also be conferred on the tarmac as the aircraft is on ground. A series of inspections are performed: vehicles, personnel and equipment. Everything about the aircraft passes through the control of Protection TOP LYNE that accompanies your flight to takeoff.

Scanning of Aircraft:

TOP LYNE conducts a thorough inspection, both external and internal, on all aircraft that provide assistance in order to ensure the security and integrity of the entire flight.

Control Access to Restricted Areas Security:

TOP LYNE, in accordance with established procedures and provided for in the Airport Security Plan, performs the verification of credentials of personnel and vehicles at all access to restricted areas of security, ensuring that only authorized persons transiting in certain areas.

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