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Top Lyne is a company whose organization was designed to meet the demands of customers with a role in the Auxiliary Services of Civil Aviation Protection, being able to serve both the Air Transport Companies and the Aerodrome Operators in the various support activities such as: prevention of acts of unlawful interference, Civil Aviation Protection and Operational Support activities.
the AVSEC System needs to stay current and always develop new ways and processes to ensure the safety of air operations protecting human life and the equipment and facilities of the airport structure that make up the Air Transportation in Brazil.
To proactively respond to the needs of our clients by investing in the training and training of their employees with a view to reaching ever higher levels of efficiency in their activities.

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Protection Services

Services for the surveillance, detection, identification, protection and other applied to aircraft, aeronauts, passengers, luggage and cargo for civil aviation security against acts of unlawful interference carried out at the airport site, in accordance with the regulations of the National Aviation Authority Civil

Operational Services

Services for the orientation, organization, preparation and displacement of aircraft, aeronauts, passengers, baggage and cargo in Pátio de Manures according to the norms of ANAC - National Civil Aviation Agency

Compromisso da Top Lyne contra o assédio

A Top Lyne está engajada em combater o assédio moral e sexual em todos os ambientes de trabalho da empresa, sempre buscando disseminar boas práticas de trabalho e tratamento entre seus colaboradores. A empresa disponibiliza canais de comunicação específicos para a realização de denúncias, além de realizar palestras e campanhas educativas para disseminar a cultura anti-assédio.

Leia a nossa cartilha e se informe sobre o que é e o que não é caracterizado como assédio moral e sexual.


Vídeo de orientação sobre a caracterização, cuidados, como ocorre e como denunciar um caso de assédio


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